Lauren Fontaine

Sweet Lauren... The front line of Copier Doctors, Lauren is your gal for calls, orders, questions and dispatching a technician.

Judi Case

Judi is the Co-Owner/Office Manager of Copier Doctors Inc. Having been with us from the start Judi wears many hats here at the shop, from accounting to customer orders, her organization keeps this ship sailing smooth.

Todd Case

Todd is the Owner/Manager of Copier Doctors Inc. He has over 35 years of Copier and Printer Repair experience and has been serving Butte and Southwest Montana for over 21 Years. Todd's passion for quick response and a job done right has given Copier Doctors it's reputation as the best in Southwest Montana (We'd argue anywhere).

Dan Charon

Dan has been a technician with Copier Doctors Inc. for over four years. With a strong understanding of ever-evolving technology Dan serves as our tech nerd and tackles complex office situations with simple office solutions.

Tyler Baker

There is a new tech in town! Tyler is the newest member of our Copier Doctors technician crew. With a desire to learn how to better serve and care for our customers he a risen star of technicians!  

About us.

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